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5590 Roswell Rd Suite 260

Atlanta, GA 30342 USA


Client Reviews

"I have always enjoyed having long hair, but it wasn't until I met Cheron that I truly understood what it meant to have long hair that was healthy! At my very first visit, Cheron suggested I cut my hair to remove years of damage brought on by perming and coloring my hair. She simply said "there's no point in having long hair if it's not healthy!" I was hesitant at first, but eventually I allowed her to work her majic. That was several years ago. Now my hair is not only long and damage-free, but it's full of body and life! Cheron prides herself on listening to her clients and providing honest feedback to help them achieve the hair they've always wanted. If it's healthy hair you want, book an appointment with Cheron and I promise you won't look back!"

- T. Lomax

"No one cuts hair like you, your the Michael Jordan of scissors!"

- D. Gangle

"The worst thing about moving is not being able to get my hair done. I so appreciate the time I had with you and so wish I were closer! No one has been able to come close to the excellent hair cut you provided! When you were cutting my hair, every piece laid in place, I received numerous compliments, I didn't have to spend extra time in the mornings to try and get my hair to be in know what I mean? To sum it up....ME AND MY HAIR MISS YOU TERRIBLY!!!"

- R. Byers

"I am so glad I finally got to see you yesterday! I can always trust and depend on you to give me an awesome haircut! Yes, I have finally given up on the city of Birmingham. I am willing to drive two hours just to get your service! Thank you so much for everything! love you!"

- R. Byers

"Cheaper than seeing a therapist!"

- Anonymous

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